Sadly Ron is no longer with us (RIP)

Lynne – Such sad news, Ron was a true  gentlemen and will be greatly missed 

Kim – So sorry to hear the news. He was one of the first people I knew at the club, back when we were North Leam, about 26yrs ago. We used to go to the pub after every club night! Such a lovely man. 

Collin – Top man who had my total respect. R I P Ron

Nick – I think Ron was one of the most positive and friendly club players I have ever met.  He was always the last to leave the courts and clearly loved to play. He will be greatly missed by all of us!

Tatiana – oh, that is a such a sad news, it will leave a void as it was so nice to have all the generations at the club and Ron was such a lovely guy with great sense of humour RIP dear Ron

Tim – Such sad news! An absolute true gent who loved his badminton and was always the first one there and the last to leave! I will always remember Ron’s wind up backhand 🙂 RIP Ron

Dene – It is sad new with the loss of Ron. He always offered a good welcome, always friendly, playing the sport he loved and a nice guy RIP

Ann – I am so saddened to hear this news, Ron was a real gentleman and loved playing badminton. RIP Ron

Dave – What sad news, I have known Ron since the 1990’s when he was also a member of Regent.  A lovely man who genuinely loved our game.

Robert – Ron will be greatly missed. He was an inspiration to all us ageing players. Very sad that we will no longer be able to look to him for the last game of the night.

Melba – Dear Ron always played the game in such a relaxed and good humoured way – definitely one of the good guys.  Will miss him. 

Omar – Very sad to hear this, club nights won’t be the same without him. It’s nice to read all the fond memories, he was a great guy, may he rest in peace.

Nicki – Think all the fab comments about Ron, really sums him up and how much our club will miss him. Hope I can keep playing as long as he did.  What an inspiration, RIP Ron, you will be missed by all.

Mark – Ron was always very positive with a great attitude to the game, and he will definitely be missed.

Faraz – Kept smiling, lovely guy. You will be missed Ron, RIP

Terry – Ron was always ready for a game anytime, just so happy to play the game.  Always apologised for the bad shot, but then smiled when he came up with a dream shot.  Missed him when he was ill last year, now he will always be missed.  RIP

Mahant – OMG one of the few stalwarts of the club who made me feel really welcome when I first came to WB. RIP my friend.

Owain – Always a great friend and mentor who always stuck around to the very end, I will miss you.

Tim – I remember teaming up with Ron the very first night I came down to the club.  He was warm, witty and a really calming influence. Club nights won’t be the same.  RIP Ron.

Stuart – So sorry to hear about Ron. Undoubtedly he’s going to be missed.